July 4, 2020

Google Chrome Plugins to Work with GitHub

By admin

GitHub has become the most popular software repository for private or public projects. To the point that Microsoft became interested in it and ended up buying it. Currently, more than 50 million developers use. Among the reasons for using it, its integration with third-party services such as Slack, Google, Atom, etc. stands out. In addition, it can be used from its website and also consulted through its official and unofficial mobile applications. It even has a desktop version.


If you are a user of Google Chrome, you can expand the possibilities offered by GitHub to deal with public or private repositories by using plugins such as those listed below.

Enhanced GitHub

The name of this plugin is quite a statement of intent. Enhanced GitHub wants to improve the experience of using GitHub by improving its functions.

To do this, add on-screen elements so you can work better from Google Chrome. Specifically, you will see additional information such as the size of the files, add a download button for each item, copy directly to the Clipboard …

Awesome Autocomplete for GitHub

This time, Awesome Autocomplete for GitHub is used to improve the search function of GitHub.

This results in autocomplete searches for repositories, users and other GitHub elements. All this from the search bar of your website, so you will save time and effort.

ZenHub for GitHub

More than a standalone plugin, ZenHub for GitHub integrates ZenHub into GitHub. ZenHub is a project manager that works on the basis of GitHub, and with this plugin, you can do it comfortably from Google Chrome.

Thus, in addition to accessing the content of your repositories or third-party repositories, you can organize your work using a project manager that turns comments into tasks, offers statistics and facilitates the distribution of work among members of a team.


Sourcegraph is a code search service that helps you manage it better and spend less time finding a specific line or item. And with its Google Chrome plugin of the same name, Sourcegraph, you can integrate it with your GitHub repository.

Thus, finding something or browsing the code of the GitHub repositories will be a more agile and simple task. Among other things, you can go to specific definitions, find references, work with public and private repositories … And, best of all, operate with more than 20 programming languages.