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August 21, 2020

How to Use the Quick Settings Menu on Android

Quick Settings are the simplest way to customize aspects of your Android phone such as connections, brightness or notifications and alerts. On your Android phone, you can do any action in two or more different ways. This is an advantage, as it allows you to solve problems as you prefer.

android quick settings customize

This is what happens, for example, with the settings of your smartphone. If you have a new Android or are a newcomer to this mobile operating system, you should know that most of the configuration options are in Settings. This is usually on the Android home screen or the Apps screen, which is displayed if you swipe from bottom to top. But another way to make changes, simpler and more agile, is by going to the Quick Settings. Living up to its name, these are quick setup options to change things on your phone in seconds.

Open Quick Settings

We said that to see the applications installed on Android you just have to slide your finger from the bottom up on the screen from the bottom. Well, to see the Quick Settings you have to do the opposite: slide your finger up and down from the top of the screen.

If you slide it a little, you will see the main Quick Settings. And if you want to see them all, you will have to lower your finger to the middle of the screen or more. And there are many options that you will find there.

Change Quick Settings

From the Quick Settings you will find options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, aeroplane mode, data saving, location, users and guests, screen brightness, flashlight, battery saving, do not disturb mode, vibration, mute, send screen and a long etcetera.

In most cases, to change one of these Quick Settings, just click on the corresponding icon. For example, to disconnect Bluetooth to save battery, clicking on its icon will deactivate it or vice versa.

If you want to see the advanced options for each of these settings, if you click on the corresponding icon for a few seconds, all related options will be displayed.

Sort Quick Settings

Finally, to first highlight the Quick Settings that you will go to frequently, you can order them. To do this, fully unfold the Quick Settings and, in the lower-left corner, you will see the Edit option.

You can drag and drop each icon or option to show it in the main list of settings or even remove options that you don’t use. Additionally, each option can be ordered from left to right.

With Quick Settings, you can customize your Android phone in seconds. Easy, fast and always at hand.

July 17, 2020

How To Improve Your Digital Workplace

Before the pandemic and although we did not realize it, our environment was already highly digitized. In addition, this exceptional situation has caused whoever was more analogous to have crossed the border towards technology. All of us, those of us who were already part of the digital world and those who have passed this group forced by the pandemic and its limitations, are inhabitants of the same digitized universe. However, not all of us handle digital codes in the same way.

Digital Workplace

Until now, our digital life has focused on the personal part, for sending messages, for sharing photos on Instagram, or for making video calls with our remote friends. However, the new normality has imposed teleworking in many companies and this implies digitization in the professional environment. Due to this irruption of technology at work, it is now more important than ever to maintain the same digital codes. We discover the key aspects of good online communication.

The tone of the message is important

We can’t write the same way we talk, much less when we write work emails. We must try to be careful with the expressions we use and, if possible, let us understand what tone we are using.

If we leave everything at the expense of the receiver, we risk that he misunderstands it or that, based on his experiences and way of being, he understands that you are not “speaking” to him properly.

Synthesize and write well

The immediacy is more than present in our day to day and this has decreased our attention span. For this reason, it is essential to write short emails that are correctly written, in terms of grammar and spelling.

When you write, think about the reader, how will they understand your words better? In short or long sentences? With or without spelling mistakes?

July 6, 2020

How To Login to a Movistar Router And Access

Would you know how long you have been using your router? In that case, when was the last time you changed the password? And, would you know how many friends and devices have access to your network?


If you want to know how to change the password of the Movistar Router and learn to generate a password only for guests, to avoid having to share yours when you receive friends at home, we tell you how the Smart WiFi App can make your life easier.

Best ways to change the password of the Movistar Router
There are three ways to change the password to have a more secure network.

With the Smart WiFi mobile app

On the one hand, we have the option to change the password in the Smart WiFi App, which is available for both Smartphone and tablets. Download the app and sign up. To change the password of the router Movistar, access the “My Network” section, at the bottom of the application. In the “My WiFi” section you have the option to change both the network name and the password.

Through the Alejandra Portal

If you want to change your password, it is also possible by entering the Alejandra Portal. Here you can access the most important settings of your Smart WiFi Router, such as locating the password of your router. Enter from the main menu in the “WiFi Password” section and click on the ” View password” box. If you want to change it, you just have to write the new password in the box, and it will also indicate the security level of the password you have chosen. To do this, you just have to log in to My Movistar or register if you don’t have an account yet.

On the local website of the router

To change the password of your WiFi network   you can enter in your browser to modify the parameters of the equipment. To access this website you must do it from a device that is connected to your Router either by WiFi or cable.

As soon as you enter, you will be asked for a password to the Router made up of eight characters. You will find it at the bottom of the label that is under your Router (note, it is not the key to your Wifi, it is much shorter and only has numbers). Once inside you will see the “ WiFi Key ” box where you can modify your password and you will also have an indicator to know how secure the new password is.

What you should take into account when changing the Movistar Router password

It is very important that you enter a secure password when changing the password of your Movistar router since we must forget the name of our cat or our date of birth if we want to avoid being hacked. To create a strong password for your WiFi, we give you some tips:

  • A length 15 characters or more for optimal security level
  • Must contain numbers
  • Do not forget to include any special symbols or characters
  • Toggle upper and lower case
  • You should also bear in mind that when changing the Movistar
  • Router password, you must enter the new WiFi password on all the devices or mobiles that you had connected to the Smart WiFi
  • Router with the previous password. Otherwise, you will wonder why certain devices no longer connect to the network.

So you can reconfigure that WiFi key on all your devices you can use the Smart WiFi App to share it more easily.

In addition, Movistar WiFi routers and amplifiers are compatible with the simple association method WPS 2.0. Check if your device supports this method and you only have to activate the WPS on your router and on the device so that they automatically associate.

What else can I do to make my WiFi network even more secure
If you are a Movistar Fusión customer and have the UHD Decoder, you can access the Smart WiFi App, available in the “Apps” section of the Movistar + top menu. Check all the devices that are connected and discover which of them have access to your WiFi.

In addition, if you have visited, it is recommended to create a WiFi network for guests so that you do not have to share your private network with them. Access with your Smart WiFi mobile App, click on “My network” and on the “My WiFi” menu and activate the ” WiFi Guests ” option. You can customize a name for the network and set the password. In this way, your friends will only have access to your Internet connection, but they will not be able to access your devices. In addition, you can send it by WhatsApp, e-mail or the network of your choice.

July 5, 2020

How to Edit Instagram Photos

Adobe Photoshop is 30 years old. A long time for software that remains a benchmark in professional image editing. And it is that despite the fact that great alternatives have emerged such as GIMP and Krita in free software or Sketch and Canva in the professional online section, Photoshop is still used in many photographic or digital design projects.

Instagram Photos

But time does not pass in vain, and over the years many changes have emerged. Changes and new needs, especially for the average user, who now does not edit his photos on his computer but with his smartphone. In recent years, Adobe has released several versions of Photoshop focused on specific tasks. Some free.

Thus, instead of having a single gigantic version of Photoshop all in one, you can download two or three smaller and specialized iPhone and Android apps. The most recent example, Adobe Photoshop Camera.

An inevitable symbiosis

One of the most frequent uses of digital photographs is their publication on social networks. Instagram is king in this sense, but there are many places to share or spread your photos, in public or in private.

Hence, Adobe launches Photoshop Camera, a photography editing app designed to take artistic photos or retouch them before spreading them on social networks.

Available for iPhone and Android, Photoshop Camera gives us a selection of filters and effects to apply to your photos simply by pressing a button. Nothing to do with desktop Photoshop from a few years ago.

With over 80 filters, your photos will completely change with artistic touches or colour or contrast changes. In seconds. But it is also possible to edit the images with the effects, supported by artificial intelligence so that the changes are applied automatically.

Thinking about self-portraits, also known as selfies, Photoshop Camera offers touch-ups and effects so that the result is as favourable as possible with the result you are looking for. And to make the photos unique, you will have glasses inspired by Instagram influencers and the like.

Very complete technically and easy to manage in the usability section, Photoshop Camera is a mobile app with which you can transform your images in seconds and publish them on your social profiles, such as Instagram, without spending too much time on retouching and editing.

How to store photos in the cloud

Are you a Movistar customer? In that case, you will love to discover the free service (for Fusion customers and with mobile contract lines) of Movistar Cloud.

It offers unlimited storage so that users can save their images, videos and documents. It also allows the option to share it on social networks or WhatsApp, in a very comfortable and fast way.

In this way, all the images you edit with Photoshop Camera will not take up space on your mobile phone but will still be available in case you want to upload them to your social profiles or share them with friends.

July 4, 2020

Google Chrome Plugins to Work with GitHub

GitHub has become the most popular software repository for private or public projects. To the point that Microsoft became interested in it and ended up buying it. Currently, more than 50 million developers use. Among the reasons for using it, its integration with third-party services such as Slack, Google, Atom, etc. stands out. In addition, it can be used from its website and also consulted through its official and unofficial mobile applications. It even has a desktop version.


If you are a user of Google Chrome, you can expand the possibilities offered by GitHub to deal with public or private repositories by using plugins such as those listed below.

Enhanced GitHub

The name of this plugin is quite a statement of intent. Enhanced GitHub wants to improve the experience of using GitHub by improving its functions.

To do this, add on-screen elements so you can work better from Google Chrome. Specifically, you will see additional information such as the size of the files, add a download button for each item, copy directly to the Clipboard …

Awesome Autocomplete for GitHub

This time, Awesome Autocomplete for GitHub is used to improve the search function of GitHub.

This results in autocomplete searches for repositories, users and other GitHub elements. All this from the search bar of your website, so you will save time and effort.

ZenHub for GitHub

More than a standalone plugin, ZenHub for GitHub integrates ZenHub into GitHub. ZenHub is a project manager that works on the basis of GitHub, and with this plugin, you can do it comfortably from Google Chrome.

Thus, in addition to accessing the content of your repositories or third-party repositories, you can organize your work using a project manager that turns comments into tasks, offers statistics and facilitates the distribution of work among members of a team.


Sourcegraph is a code search service that helps you manage it better and spend less time finding a specific line or item. And with its Google Chrome plugin of the same name, Sourcegraph, you can integrate it with your GitHub repository.

Thus, finding something or browsing the code of the GitHub repositories will be a more agile and simple task. Among other things, you can go to specific definitions, find references, work with public and private repositories … And, best of all, operate with more than 20 programming languages.